profile photoAnna F. Kaplan completed her PhD in History at American University in 2019. Her research interests focus on memory—specifically through oral history—and African American history. Her manuscript, “Left by the Wayside: The Struggle over Control of the Memory of the University of Mississippi’s Desegregation,” won the Janet Oppenheim Dissertation Prize for a distinguished dissertation in history. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to challenge the narrative of the University of Mississippi (UM) integrating in 1962 by reframing it as desegregation and the fight for integration as ongoing. She argues that whites used the “integrated” label to dominate the public narrative about race at UM and to undermine subsequent black student struggles toward integration.

Kaplan is also the Consulting Oral Historian and Project Manager for the DC Oral History Collaborative (www.dcoralhistories.org). DCOHC was initiated in 2016 as a partnership project of the Historical Society of Washington, DC and HumanitiesDC, with the DC Public Library as the sponsoring agency. The initiative responds to a growing need to preserve unrecorded Washington history that may be lost as communities experience demographic shifts, as older residents pass away, and as stories that once were written now may only live in digital media. Kaplan leads the Oral History Training Workshops, organizes Top-Off Workshops, oversees the Oral History Collections Survey, and manages the Advisory Committee.

Education Background

Ph.D.  History, American University, 2019

M.A.   Oral History, Columbia University, 2010

M.A.   Anthropology, Columbia University, 2009

B.A.    summa cum laude, Anthropology, Folklore and Creative Writing minors, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007

Professional Social Media

Twitter: @AnnaFKaplan

LinkedIn: Anna Kaplan

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